Sam Vente

My name is Sam Vente, welcome to my website! I'm a data scientist and machine learning engineer. My goal is to make sure you not only get the machine learning application you want but the one you need.

My experience in science communication and interdisciplinary collaboration helps me make sure that we both understand what is essential. My background in theoretical mathematics lets me understand the subtleties of different data science applications that many ignore.

I love both programming and data science, but my real passion is good that both of those things can do. My dream is to apply my skills to either medical or environmental problems. Many aspects of machine learning are underexplored in those fields, in my opinion.

Research interests

  • Machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Medical AI
  • Ethical AI
  • Data Science
  • Science Communication
  • Data Visualization
  • Green AI
  • Accessibility & Privacy focused Home Automation
  • Software accessibility

Working with me

Pro Bono:

I'm open to requests for pro bono work both from organisations and individuals. Here you can read the kinds of work I'm open to doing and whether you might qualify.

Hiring me.:

If you have a project that is either too large or doesn't fit in any other categories mentioned here you can always hire me. Here you can read what I could do for you and how to contact me.

Looking for a mentor?:

I'm open to mentoring folx that feel like they could benefit. I'm no veteran, but I do have the experience, and I want to help spread that around, especially to folx underrepresented in tech. Here you can read who and how you can ask for my help.


Data Scientist

Current position

At De Belastingdienst (Dutch tax department) I work as a data scientist, helping to provide insignt into the taxpayer's data to improve operations and drive inovation that benifits citizens and goverments alike.

ETL specialist

As an Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) specialist at the Belastingdienst, I mainly focus on making sure data is in a clean and effective format so that analysts and auditors can use it effectively.

Research assistant

During my time at Cardiff University I sharpened my technical and academic writing and communication skills.

Msc. Artificial Intelligence (cum laude)

A master's artificial intelligence programme focused on independent research and interdisciplinary communication.

Automation research intern

I spent 6 months investigating methods of automatically updating digital maps based on aquired sequential locational data

Bsc. Theoretical Mathematics

I studdied theoretical mathematics at the university of Leiden for my undergrad, honing my reasoning and self study skills


Increasing negotiation performance at the edge of the network

Automated negotiation has been used in a variety of distributed settings, such as privacy in the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and power distribution in Smart Grids. The most common protocol under …

Keywords: Automated negotiation; Multi-agent systems; Constraints

The current state of automated negotiation theory: a literature review

Automated negotiation can be an efficient method for resolving conflict and redistributing resources in a coalition setting. Automated negotiation has already seen increased usage in fields such as e-…

Keywords: Automated negotiation; Reasoning about uncertainty; Literature Survey

Using Machine Learning for Automatic Estimation of M. Smegmatis Cell Count from Fluorescence Microscopy Images

Relapse in Tuberculosis (TB) patients represents an important challenge to improve treatment. A large number of patients undergo relapse even after what was thought to be a successful treatment. Lipid…

Keywords: Computer vision; Medical AI; Tuberculosis; Machine learning



In my free time I enjoy photography as a hobby, mostly focussing on visual story telling, here I display some of the photos I like most.

This website

A peek behind the scenes of this wonderful place, exploring my CMS, hosting and templating solutions.

My academic career rewritten

I want to make science and academica accessable for everyone. To help make that a reality I try to rewrite all my published work in plain English.


A python library for implementing, simulating and benchmarking automated negotiations with a decentralised architecture.


RMS, the FSF and the myth of FOSS.

Published: 2021-03-30

There is a new open-source scandal that has caused some debate about FOSS and who should participate in it. In that discussion, I've seen a myth come up about FOSS that I want to talk about.

My wish list for Rust 2021.

Published: 2020-09-14

The Rust core team is working on a road map for 2021 and has asked for contributions. In this one, I lay out some of the features I wish Rust would have and why.

A quick and dirty DIY rsync for S3 websites

Published: 2020-08-24

The standard AWS tool to update files in an S3 bucket has the tendency to update more files than is necessary, and I solved that with some git and bash magic

A response to the UNESCO call for an ethical AI framework

Published: 2020-04-23

The UNESCO is calling for an AI ethics framework which is good. However, the call is notably lacking in details which I will try to expand upon

Stop using those daft WiFi capture portals

Published: 2020-04-08

I think everyone should stop using open WiFi networks with login portals, and in this blog post, I'll explain why.

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