Trans Inclusive publishing (IJCAI 2021)

Published: 2021-07-22
Start timeDurationActivity
TBA30 minPresentation
TBA20 minQ&A
TBA10 minEnd

The absence of robust policies and practices for changing author names and subsequent citations has been a problem for transgender authors for many years, leading to either going uncredited and hampering one's career or risk of being outed to a possibly dangerous environment. The Name Change Policy Working Group (NCPWG) is seeking to provide resources and open dialogues with authors and publishers alike to put more robust policies in place regarding changing names under which authors are cited. This move towards a more trans-inclusive publishing landscape. This would remove a significant barrier to groups including but not limted to transgender individuals wanting to make or maintain a career in academia. In this talk, a brief overview of some resources will be given as well as a short overview of some of the work, and results that have come out of the working group.