Increasing negotiation performance at the edge of the network

Automated negotiation has been used in a variety of distributed settings, such as privacy in the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and power distribution in Smart Grids. The most common protocol under …
Keywords: Automated negotiation;Multi-agent systems;Constraints

The current state of automated negotiation theory: a literature review

Automated negotiation can be an efficient method for resolving conflict and redistributing resources in a coalition setting. Automated negotiation has already seen increased usage in fields such as e-…
Keywords: Automated negotiation;Reasoning about uncertainty;Literature Survey

Using Machine Learning for Automatic Estimation of M. Smegmatis Cell Count from Fluorescence Microscopy Images

Relapse in Tuberculosis (TB) patients represents an important challenge to improve treatment. A large number of patients undergo relapse even after what was thought to be a successful treatment. Lipid…
Keywords: Computer vision;Medical AI;Tuberculosis;Machine learning