Working with me

Pro Bono

I'm open to requests for pro bono work both from organisations and individuals. Here you can read the kinds of work I'm open to doing and whether you might qualify.

Hiring me

If you have a project that is either too large, or doesn't fit in any other categories mentioned here you can always hire me. Here you can read what I could do for you and how to contact me.


I'm still very interested in working on research and FOSS projects, so if you have something you'd like me to contribute to, here you can read the kind of things I'm interested in and how to ask for my help.

Looking for a mentor?

I'm open to mentoring folx that feel like they could benefit. I'm no veteran, but I do have experience and I want to help spread that around, especially to folx underrepresented in tech. Here you can read who and how you can ask for my help.