While I am no longer directly affiliated with academia or other organisations explicitly dedicated to research or Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) I am still hoping to contribute to both. If you think I could be helpful in contributing to your research project or FOSS software, I'd encourage you to reach out. I have a lot of experience with interdisciplinary communication and technical writing. If you want to see some of the work I have done before, I encourage you to explore some of the links in the sidebar. Even if your project isn't in one of my particular fields, I'd encourage you to reach out, maybe projects can benefit from someone skilled in data science, statistics or programming in general, and I'd love to keep working on interesting research.

If you are interested in getting my expertise onboard for your project, please reach out to me via one of the icons in the sidebar, with a description of you, the project you want me to work on, the role you want me to fulfil, and any major affiliations you have (mostly for screening purposes).