Pro Bono

I am now accepting applications for pro bono work. If you are a person or organisation, that is or works with or for marginalised identities, especially LGBTQ+, or anti-racist activism, please get in contact with me. I cannot guarantee I have the expertise or time to help you, but you're always welcome to reach out so we can work something out together, even if you're not sure.

You don't need to have an entire road map setup to solicit me, but you should have an idea of what it is you want from me. I can help you figure out what kind of solutions you need, but I can't help you think of a problem to solve. I'm good at extracting requirements from problem descriptions, so if you have a question that you don't know how to solve, you can ask me to help you figure that out. Still, you will need a decent idea of what the problem is.

While working on a big impressive project with organisations is exciting, I also want to provide a more human service. For example, I could help you set up a small website if you're an artist on a low budget. Many people get passed over by institutionalised pro bono work, both in people who need the work done and those that want to do the job. That is something that I want to address by opening up myself directly to proposals.

If you want pro bono work done, please contact me at one of the icons in the sidebar. When you contact me, please include:

#pro-bono, #charity, #software, #volunteering